The BID Conference has a strong commitment to providing opportunities for our conference participants to interact, converse, and learn from one another. Built into the conference program are session types that are designed specifically to promote interactions among participants and nonprofit and philanthropy leaders.

Before submitting your presentation proposal, please carefully review each Session Types and Session Topics  descriptions. Once you have reviewed the options, select the format that you feel is most conducive to showcasing your work when you submit your proposal. 



Session Formats and Topics


Submission Guidelines

Process for Submission

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

See a list of commonly asked questions and  answers below regarding the BID Conference Sessions. If you have a question which has not been answered, please feel free to send us an inquiry  via "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page. We'd love to hear from you!  


 Do you have an idea for a session that you would like to present at the BID Conference? If so, we invite you to contribute to the BID's Presenters program. Your input and participation will ensure the BID Programs Committee considers a broad and rich spectrum of topics and speakers.

Conference session proposals can be submitted for two categories:

1. Plenary Sessions:

  • Plenary sessions may include: panels (three speakers plus a moderator), debates (two debaters plus a moderator), and living room conversations (three to four speakers plus a moderator, informal discussion format vs. formal lectures).
  • The plenary sessions are designed to cover perspective on timely, important, complex, and thought-provoking issues in nonprofit fund development. Proposals should seek to cover multiple perspectives on ethical, conceptual, and policy issues that will be of interest to a broad range of nonprofit professionals in the fund development field and individuals serving under-represented and underserved communities int he Chicago area.
  • We encourage a diversity of presenters.

2. Workshop sessions:

  • Workshop sessions  is a time in which skills or concepts are taught, demonstrated, or explored. These sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes  should be structured so that some explanatory or introductory information is provided, with ample time for audience interaction, participation, and involvement.  
  •  Workshop sessions are interactive ; the key is to include audience participation as much as possible. Be sure your session engages your audience and involves them in as many aspects of your presentation as possible. 
  • Workshop sessions are intended for all audiences.
  • Workshop sessions are smaller offerings focused on more narrow topics. They tend to be more hands-on; attendees are there to learn best practices, discuss examples , and leave with practical strategies.
  • If you would like to provide handouts (perhaps summarizing background, methodology, or other information to supplement your presentation), 15-20 copies is a good estimate. Please note that there may not be printing or copying facilities on site, so please prepare these materials in advance of the conference.
  • Workshop Session rooms are equipped with screens and data projectors. Presenters are asked to bring their own laptop computers .  If you are a Mac user, please be sure to bring the correct Mac adaptor. Note that overhead projectors for transparencies may not be provided in session rooms.
  • Workshop sessions may feature between one and two speakers per session depending on the topic, and we encourage a diversity of presenters on each session.

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Our Call For Presenters  for the 2019 BID Conference is closed.  Thank you. 

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Conference sessions are presented in two formats: 

Plenary Panel -  Morning session is 75-minutes long from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM

Workshop  -  Each concurrent session is 75-minutes long, from 11:00 AM to 12:15 PM, with 15 -20 attendees

Inspire us! 

Have a topic is relevant to nonprofit fund development professionals today? Submit.  

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BID will supply the evaluations for your sessions, but we will need your help in administering the evaluations to your audience. We collect and tabulate the evaluations on the day of the BID Conference, and will share the results of your evaluations with you via email roughly two weeks after the conferece.

More information on how the evaluation process works will be provided to workshop presenters when they check-in on the conference day.

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Submission Guidelines

To submit a conference session proposal, complete the online Presenter Proposal form.

  • Only completed submissions will be reviewed (i.e., all fields in the online form must be completed).
  • Include as much detail as you are able so the BID Program Committee can accurately assess the proposal.
  • Ensure your proposal has a diverse set of speaker perspectives (i.e., proposals should feature speakers from different backgrounds, institutions, professional roles, etc.)

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Process For Submission

We accept unsolicited session and speaker proposals through the online Presenter Proposal Form only.

The BID Programs Committee will review all proposals to find those which are most most relevant to nonprofit professionals in the fund development field and also suitable to the format of our events. This review generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Once our Programs Committee has made their final decisions, we will notify each person via email whether their proposal was accepted for the BID Conference or not.

If your proposal is accepted, the final step in the process is to have any co-presenters register for the event on this website.  We will email you with information about how to register co-presenters at the appropriate time. We require every individual attending our events to register for security reasons, and to ensure we have adequate food, water and other supplies. This will also help your co-presenters receive email updates from the BID Planning Committee leading up to the conference, including directions, schedule and other notices. If you are presenting your session alone, this step is not required and you’re all set until the day of the event!

If a proposal is accepted, any speaker invited to present will be provided a complementary BID Conference registration and honorarium.

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What is the purpose of the Call for Presenter Proposals?

One of BID's top priorities is ensuring our conferences represent the topics and issues most relevant to our attendees. We, therefore, solicit agenda contributions from our nonprofit community. By including the ideas of those involved in the field, we ensure a broad, rich, and relevant spectrum of topics and speakers are represented on the conference agenda.  

Do I pick the time and location for my speaking session or will it be assigned to me?

The BID Planning Committee will assign you a time, date and location for your session and will notify you once all assignments have been determined.

Is there a guarantee on how many people will attend my speaking session?

BID cannot guarantee attendance, particularly if the information and speakers were used in previous events. If you presented at a BID conference in the past, we highly recommend that you do not present the same content with the same speakers.  You can help increase attendance by promoting your session using a  pre-conference mailing and your own marketing vehicles (emails, tweets, sharing BID's FaceBook posts, table top handouts, etc.)

Do I need to submit my presentation in advance?

Please email your presentation to .  Bring your presentation to the conference on a flashdrive.  After the conference, we may post your presentation on BID's website so participants can continue to study and learn. Each presenter should have completed the form to permit or deny permission to post their presentation.

Does the I receive complementary conference registration? What about food?

Presenters will receive complementary registration for the Breakin' It Down Conference., which includes breakfast and lunch. 

How will I show my presentation?

Rooms will be set with projection equipment and white board.  You will need to bring your own laptop and dongle if you use a Mac. 

When should I arrive at the presentation room?

We recommend that the presenter arrives 30 minutes early to set up the presentation and ensure the room is set properly.

Will I have access to the Internet?

Our standard A/V set up DOES NOT include podium access to the Internet.  

Can I get a lavalier mic?

Lavalier mics are expensive because each one needs someone to offer technical assistance to operate them. We organize this conference on a very tight budget and cannot affort lavalier mics. We sincerely hope you understand.

Do you expect anything else from me besides showing up to speak?

We want your part of 2019 Breakin' It Down Conference to be a phenomenal success.  We will contact you to coordinate your session. We also hope that you will help promote your session. Please use our event Media Kit to help spread the word about the conference and your participation.

What about attendee evaluations?

We will make every effort to collect feedback from attendees.

Do you pay travel expenses?

No, we do not. But speaking at the BD Conference is great visibility for you and your organization.

What if I need technical assistance on the day of the conference?

BID Committee members will be on hand to assist throughout the day. 

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Intellectual Property

All BID Presenters understands that they must acknowledge the source of third party presentation material used in his/her presentation or workshop  by giving credit to the author of the material. If Presenter’s presentation includes copyrighted material created and/or owned by a third party, Presenter understands that they must acknowledge through footnotes and/or verbal reference that the cited material is not their own. Presenter understands that violating these practices constitutes plagiarism and copyright infringement and could result in them not being invited to speak at future BID events and possible legal liability.

Presenter represents and warrants that: (1) Presenter is the owner of all proprietary rights, including any copyrights the presentation and presentation materials and the presentation and presentation materials have not been and will not be copied in whole or in part from any other work; (2) Presenter  has obtained all required permission or copyright clearances necessary for the use of any third-party material in the presentation and presentation material, and (3) neither the presentation or presentation material nor its use will infringe upon or violate any rights of any third party.      

Consent to Record

 For the right to speak at the  Breakin' It Down Conference ("BID") and for other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which the Presenter acknowledges,  the Presenter irrevocably grants to the BID Planning Committee, its assigns, licensees and successors the right to photograph, publish, record, broadcast, exhibit, digitize, display, copyright, license, transfer, reproduce, translate, modify, edit or otherwise use perpetually throughout the world, in all media now and hereafter known or devised, in whole or in part, their image, likeness, name, biographical information, actions, performance, voice, conversations and material spoken or otherwise provided by the Presenter to  the BID and the BID Planning Committee  in connection with the  BID Conference delivered by the Presenter, for educational, promotional or other purposes that support BID’s mission, vision, and purpose.  

Presenter's Agreement

If proposal is selected, a Presenter's Agreement  will be provided by BID for signature .

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